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GEEK ALERT! Straight Outta Vic’s Movie Den, New Hi-Res Pics From ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ & J.J. Abrams Grants Dying Trek Fan A Final Wish

EDITOR’S NOTE: Live, from New York… IT’S VIC’S MOVIE DEN! Shawn: Most of our readers know that Vic De Leon is a regular contributor to The ‘Tastic but what most people don’t know is that he occasionally scoops even me… as … Continue reading

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GEEK ALERT! ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ Trailer Released… We’ve Got It For You! (HD VIDEO)

Sometimes all I can say is, “Wow” because I’m just speechless.  This is definitely one of those times.  Simon Pegg announced the other day that there would be a teaser trailer for the new J.J. Abrams film Star Trek: Into Darkeness, … Continue reading

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ADVANCE REVIEW: ‘Revolution’ (NBC – Monday, 10:00 p.m.)

EDITORIAL NOTE: OK, kids, this is how it works:  With all of the new shows of the season, we shared our first impressions of every new show of the season based on the show description and the trailer released by … Continue reading

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ALERT: Star Trek Sequel In 3D Release Date Announced

Deadline is reporting that the opening day of the sequel to the 2009 J.J. Abrams mega-hit Star Trek has been announced as May 17, 2013 and the film will be in 3D.  The second Trek film helmed by Abrams will include … Continue reading

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REPORT: Still No Script for Star Trek Sequel, May Be Pushed Back to December 2012 Release or Later?

Deadline is reporting that the highly anticipated sequel to 2009’s mega-hit film Star Trek is still at the 70 page outline stage with no completed script and Deadline thinks that may have to be pushed back from its original June 2012 release … Continue reading

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