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Originally from Rochester, New York and has lived in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2003. Aside from being a huge fan of movies and television, he's a huge fan of Sci-Fi and in particular, Star Trek.

Pyro Mini: Officially The Greatest Invention Of All Time (Shoot Fireballs From Your Hands… Yes… That’s Exactly What You Just Read) [VIDEO]

You can shoot fireballs from your hands… no kidding. Continue reading

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Second U.S. TV Spot For “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Drops

As the title suggests, the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. Old Han Solo is in this one.

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Check Out These Awesomely Nostalgic Kenner Star Wars Toy Ads From The Late 70s/Early 80s [VIDEO]

Check out this awesome video of Star wars Kenner toy commercials from the late 70s/early 80s. Hayden’s performance is worth the price of admission alone. Continue reading

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NEW ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ International Drops In Japan With Waaaay More Stuff In It…

Looking far more like a Star Wars trailer and far less like a J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek trailer, a new international trailer for the upcoming seventh installment of the Star Wars movie franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, dropped in Japan … Continue reading

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ANNOUNCEMENT: TV-Tastic Is Now The Anti-Nerdist! (Here’s Why…)

TV-Tastic is dead. Long-live The Anti-Nerdist in all of its magnificent glory… and KNEEL BEFORE ZOD! Continue reading

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OFFICIAL: The Punisher To Appear in “Marvel’s Dardevil” S2 On Netflix. Walking Dead Alum Cast In Role…

Last week there were rumors swirling that season two of the Netflix hit series adaptation of Marvel Comics’ Daredevil would feature popular anti-hero character, the Punisher and popular villain/long-time Daredevil nemesis, Bullseye. Well, we’ve got ourselves a new Punisher. Continue reading

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Good News For The 6% Of The U.S. That Doesn’t Have Cable or Satellite Who Want To Pay More To Get Less: Showtime Announces Standalone Streaming Service

Showtime announces their standalone service. We give you the details and explain why 94% of the U.S. shouldn’t care. Continue reading

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