ANNOUNCEMENT: TV-Tastic Is Now The Anti-Nerdist! (Here’s Why…)

profileIt’s official. After five and a half years, and 500 posts (no shit… really. This is post 500) we’ve decided to shed the TV-Tastic brand and adopt a new name, The Anti-Nerdist.

And why would we take such a bold step? Well, for anyone who’s been following us over the last couple of months on Facebook, you’d know that The Anti-Nerdist existense comes in response to the crap being spewed over at the once well-respected source of geekery, The Nerdist.

The Nerdist, or as we like to refer to it as, The Nerdist: Jezebel Edition, has gone from a being a bastion of cool news on the web to an outlet for Social Justice Warriors hellbent on undermining and perverting established pieces of science fiction, genre and pop-culture art in favor of their own version of what is morally right and politically correct and watch out if you don’t agree with them as they’ll attack you as being a backwards-thinking, misogynistic, racist and homophobic neanderthal if you dare suggest that — oh, we don’t know — arbitrarily changing the genders and/or races of established characters in comic books and classic films might not be such a good idea.

Alicia Lutes

Alicia Lutes – “You’re a f**king misogynistic pig if you don’t think that Captain America should be normalized and changed into a Guatemalan woman!”

After witnessing this m.o. quite regularly, things came to a head when, Alicia Lutes, managing editor and chief SJW at The Nerdist: Jezebel Edition did Paul Feig’s bidding and published an article giving credence to a contrived controversy Feig has manufactured which suggests that males are against the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot because it has an all-female cast.  In this piece she proceeds to attack the entirety of fandom, which again is par for the course for this outlet, now.

From August 25, 2015…



At this point, we’re all incredibly familiar with the army of angry Ghostbusters fans enraged by the fact that the Paul Feig-directed reboot of the film will be fronted by four women, but this latest Instagram may throw that whole crew over the edge. Because it looks like it’s not just Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, Melissa McCarthy, and Kate McKinnon involved in this film, but rather a whole host of ladies are doing the dirty work—if McCarthy’s latest Instagram post is to be believed.

I mean just look at them all! That’s so many women! A litany of ladies! A veritable smorgasbord of broads! How could any work possibly get done on a set with that many periods happening? I mean think about it scientifically: at any given time there’s probably at least four of them on their periods at once. Gosh, I bet they all sync up their flows, too—like some sort of evil lady witchcraft!

Girl Power

And they’re not just doing hair and make-up and costumes if you look at the photo: some of them are doing stunts! And script work! And special effects! And general PA ballyhoo! What is happening to the universe right now, you guys?! Is there a tear in the fabric of all of space and time? Somebody better call future Time Lord to be, Hayley Atwell (wink wink nudge nudgeaaaahahahaha!) to figure this one out. It’s all feeling very …wibbly wobbly (and I don’t mean because of boobs but—heh heh, b00bz), don’t you think?

The girl power is too strong! We must fight it with the fire of 10,000 vengeful purists in order to restore the natural balance of the universe! THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR TOO FAST YOU GUYS. IT’S SERIOUS NOW.

How are you going to take arms and join the fight against lady ‘busters? Leave your plans in the comments.

Well, we did leave our comments on their Facebook posting of this article…

“Honestly, how dare you?

There are VERY few people that care one iota that the cast is all female and this has been made very clear, REPEATEDLY.

I’m going to try this one more time for the cheap seats at The Nerdist: Jezebel Edition who continue to contrive a false Social Justice Warrior controversy and a false narrative revolving around the perceived misogynistic nature of genre fans in order to silence critics:


The true fans of Ghostbusters did not want a sequel or a reboot from the moment we started hearing rumors about it five years ago.

The Ghostbusters franchise is iconic and culturally relevant to the era that it was produced in, the mid-1980s, and rebooting it 30 years later cheapens its significance relative to when it was produced.

This is the EXACT same problem that rebooting Robocop had. It’s not that the film was necessarily awful in and of itself, it’s that the producers didn’t appreciate the fact that Robocop was a satirical social commentary on the decade of the 1980s. Sure, they tried to shoehorn in a premise about drones and whatever but it didn’t work… because that’s not what the source material was relevant to. That magic spark that the original film had was gone in 2014 and it will be gone in this ill-conceived reboot of Ghostbusters next year.

We’re not talking about Shakespeare here, with universal themes about humanity in general that can be repackaged in different stories for contemporary audiences, we’re talking about very specific themes relevant to their era in which the films were produced.

This is exactly why the sequels to Ghostbusters and Robocop that came out in the late 80s and early 90s didn’t work (yeah… I guess you forgot… they already tried this… multiple times). The films were standalone pieces of pop-culture art that should have been left the way they were.

But no, 30 years later the greedy swines at Sony now TWO TIMES in the course of two years have to dip their toes into the waters of cheapening the integrity of films from the 1980s.

And congratulations, The Nerdist, once again for being shills for a studio and a director who knows he has a garbage film and has to resort to contriving controversy to stir up press… with your help (much like you did with the Fantastic Four which we all knew was going to be an abortion from the day the casting was announced but you decided to call us all racists and neanderthals suggesting we were against “diversity” and “cast normalization.”).

Sorry, but myself and others like us that genuinely respect the many great films that came out of that and other eras are not going to be silenced simply because you, Feig and the like want to engage in straw man attacks against us.

The Nerdist, like this film, is a culturally irrelevant joke.”

That post received a lot of support and inspired the change in mission for us.

It’s not so much about taking a dump all over The Nerdist, it’s about providing good, agenda-free content for everyone else.

The new site is now, but if you go to the old site, it will redirect so, you’re all good either way.

About The Anti-Nerdist

Originally from Rochester, New York and has lived in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2003. Aside from being a huge fan of movies and television, he's a huge fan of Sci-Fi and in particular, Star Trek.
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