ANNOUNCEMENT: The ‘Tastic Welcomes Redeye Rogue to The Staff

Redeye Rogue

We are pleased to announce the addition of Redeye Rogue to our writing staff.  We found Mister Rogue because I was being an absolute jackass and trolling on his website, RedEye Rogue, a particularly awesome Battlestar Galactica blog that focuses on all sorts of SciFi goodness.  His response: he trolled us right back and he was so good and brilliantly hilarious at it and so difficult to keep up with that we had to raise the white flag and hire him for the staff.  His irreverent humor and Tastic-like style really makes him a perfect fit.

Let that be a lesson, kids; if you want to write for us, just make fun of us and be funny about it.  There’s a guy on YouTube who referred to the ‘Tastic as “…your daily dose of retard.”  His offer is still pending.

About The Anti-Nerdist

Originally from Rochester, New York and has lived in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2003. Aside from being a huge fan of movies and television, he's a huge fan of Sci-Fi and in particular, Star Trek.
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2 Responses to ANNOUNCEMENT: The ‘Tastic Welcomes Redeye Rogue to The Staff

  1. RedEye Rogue says:

    Actually I got the job because he took all our Patrick Macnee nudes in trade. They’re in the mail Shawn. We promise.

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